Very interesting article by the former drummer of The Counting Crows, Steve Bowman.  The path of an entrepreneur and as an artist is more similar than we think.

The problem with being “chosen”, however, is that the music business is overcrowded and competitive, the odds are stacked against success, and there’s no job security, benefits, or retirement. These facts weed out many would-be professionals, but not everybody is so easily dissuaded. Not everyone sees the same reality. Despite the many reasons against pursuing music, and against the tally of the numbers, and over the objections of loved ones… musicians will become musicians. Just as cats will chase mice and birds will fly South for the winter.

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My new sounds:

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

Looking for a place to take your special someone?  Look no further, Carl Wilson, from the News & Record complied a list of places that you can take your Valentine’s to.

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The thing about luck is, most of it is all in the preparation for the moment.  Here is an article written by Jimmy Thong Tran, about how you must earn your luck.

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